Symbio is regarded as one of the most prominent new bands from the Swedish Folk & World music scene. With their strong stage presence, original compositions, and a magical interplay of hurdy- gurdy and accordion – The duo surprises their audience and takes them on a moving and dreamy musical journey.

The music of Symbio has been described as musical storytelling where folk, minimalistic art music and electronic dance music meets and becomes a cinematic experience for the listener. During concerts the duo perform with both seriousness and joy, telling personal and vivid stories about the music. Through a playful, energetic and close interaction Symbio creates new music where two becomes more.

The duo was awarded as ”Best Newcomer of the Year” at the Swedish Folk & World Music awards in 2016, and received the”Scholarship for young music ensembles” from the Royal Swedish Academy of Music in the same year. Since the release of their debut album ”Phoresy” (2016) they have been touring extensively in Sweden and 20 different European countries. Their second album ”Rising” was released in September 2018 and has been highly acclaimed by international critics. In 2019 the duo was chosen by the Swedish National radio to represent Sweden at the EBU Radio Folk Festival at Rudolstadt Festival, Germany. Symbio is chosen as official showcase artist at the Folk Alliance International USA 2020 – the world ́s largest gathering of folk & roots music industry. In summer 2022 the duo will release their third album.

Symbio Consists of:

LarsEmil Öjeberget

Accordion & Kickbox

Johannes Geworkian Hellman


The Swedish duo Symbio kidnapped the audience in to a world of Nordic folk music. The duo thrilled the audience with unique and melodic sounds of hurdy-gurdy and accordion. Professional and above all international music.”

– Siegener Zeitung (DE) 2019

“The Swedish duo Symbio convinced their audience with extraordinary sounds and the combination of accordion and hurdy-gurdy made singing unnecessary.”

– Hellwegeranzeiger (DE) 2019

“Swedish duo Symbio is a lively exclamation mark! It is about airy chamber music with wide views, with elements of elegant club music, and it often feels larger than duo music.”

– Hufvudstadsbladet (FI) 2019

“Symbio rejuvenize Swedish Folk with hurdy gurdy and accordion. With traditional folk, minimal music and tenderly woven electronic sounds they create an atmospheric hypnotic sound, which you need to listen to!”

– InMusic (DE) 2018

“Symbio convinces with virtuosity, enthusiasm and above all, with courage to own compositions.”

– Nordic music review (DE) 2018

”On this album the band shows a great compositional talent and an ability to play together, which you rarely find… 37 minutes of intense musical pleasure!”

– Rootstime (BE) 2018

”The musicians of Symbio know how to create drama and intensity. Easily accessible, smartly made and modernized Swedish folk music where the songs drip of melody. The listener is sucked into the swirls. And the strange feeling afterwards is that you have traveled a long distance and still remain in the same place.”

– Sydsvenskan (SE) 2018

“Symbio enchants us with their hypnotic playing of hurdy-gurdy and accordion. Even though they are only two, the duo produce an incredibly rich sound that fills the whole room. But above all, Symbio has something very unique. I liked them from the first time I heard them.”

– Lira Music Magazine (SE) 2017

“When the two musicians of Symbio give their concert, I feel like a muggler. On the stage are two wizards who use magic to create crazy swinging and up-to-date music on instruments that are not associated with contemporary popular music. I have not heard anything like it, while the duo’s own songs feel strangely familiar.”

– Eskilstunakuriren (SE) 2017