Symbio draws the listener in with their intoxicating combination of vast audio landscapes and earthy grooves, driven by a deliciously unexpected combination of hurdy-gurdy and accordion.

The duo creates a playful dialogue full of joyful energy, subtleties and virtuosity, where two becomes more than the sum of its parts. This is musical storytelling at its finest, told by heartfelt storytellers through soaring melodies, rich soundscapes, irresistible grooves and finely tuned musical communication.

Johannes Geworkian Hellman: hurdy-gurdy
LarsEmil Öjeberget: accordion, kickbox

Winners of “best album of the year” 2023
Swedish Folk & World Music Awards

“Endeavour is one more fall ahead for Symbio.”
-Johanna Paulsson
“Dagens Nyheter”

-Bengt Eriksson
“Hifi & Musik” – Swedish Music Magazine

“Endeavour is an enterprising and enlightened foray
that leads to bountiful sonic rewards.”
– Joe Ross
“Roots Music report” -US



”Delightful!.. Catchy instrumental music with melodies that associate freely around the concept of folk music and seeks both electronic and art musical inspiration…The sound is about mood and produces a very special kind of shimmering warmth…The new album Endeavour is one more fall ahead for Symbio.”

- Johanna Paulsson

Dagens Nyheter - Leading Swedish Daily News paper

“Symbio, sounds that celebrate life. Joy and sorrow, longing, melancholy: the audience was always emotionally close to Symbio, so that this remarkable Nordic sounds-cosmos turned into a particularly long-lasting experience – simply excellent.”

– Werner Lauterbach

Westfälische Anzeiger (DE)

Symbio is a true phenomenon on stage. Every show is an experience due to the musical telepathy between these musicians and their catching stories. From the first song the listener is lifted from their daily boring routine and is taken away to a new, more hopefull universe

- Elda Dorren

De Doelen Concert Hall Rotterdam (NL)

“I have a feeling that Johannes Geworkian Hellman and LarsEmil Öjeberget were destined to make music together, regardless of what instruments they might have played.”

– Fiona Talkington

Songlines Magazine (UK)